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City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan - Refuse garbage not emptied

No resolution
isaac mokoena
isaac mokoena filed the complaint
6 March 2024
REF #461824.Today Wednesday 06/03/2024 my garbage was never emptied and was left behind. All neighbours garbage bins were emptied but mine was left alone.
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Incident date: 6 March 2024
isaac mokoena
4 April 2024
My Garbage was never emptied and I am very angry to that effect.
Just only two half bags of grass can cause my bin not being emptied, and I am paying for garbage every month
This is not fair.
isaac mokoena
isaac mokoena rated the brand
16 May 2024

The brand does not even value the concept that customer is always right I have sent pics of my Uncollected bin but no one ever tried to contact me and get the answers.Its okay I will after this going to send you proof of your merchants collecting other bins with the same contents as that of mine,and loading it into the truck and wonder what will you say then.

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