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Checkers - Poor service

No resolution
Aletta Short
Aletta Short filed the complaint
29 December 2023
I went to Checkers in Savannah Mall, Polokwane this morning to do my shopping.....same what i do every week

I wanted to buy there small frozen viennas pies but again it did not was the third time this morning...the second time the manager was there and at the look of it, she did not do anything about it

Then another thing, its nice for Checkers to have the delivery option, but can the drivers who must collect the order for delivery, please have respect for the instore customers by not parking their trolley in front of you and not push you away cause they are in a hurry

We as instore customers also support Checkers even if our items are not delivered

Hope you can sort this out as soon as possible

Kind regards
Incident date: 29 December 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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