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CellC - Refusal to cancel contracr

No resolution
Vic Walters
Vic Walters filed the complaint
6 October 2023
We have been trying to cancel a contract with CellC since 12 June 2023
50 calls later and 30 messages later and to no surprise we still have not been able to cancel the contract. no manager phones back EVER and no surprise you can't even get to the CEO or contact details to email him. every time we verify the details (when we are reading everything off the contract from cell c) its conveniently incorrect. i dont understand that when we give the axact same details 50 times over as it is on the contract this can be incorrect every single time...... He doesnt have the simcard any more to log onto an app to cancel nor is he able to drive 400KM to have a contract cancelled as Bloemfontein or PE is our closest branches. he can barely walk now you expect him to drive 400KM and what money as well? SHAME ON YOU. The difference between cancelling the contract and the R179 a month is an old man meds he needs. you want to take his meds away cause cell c doesnt want to cancel his contract..... Shame on how you run a business CEO
Incident date: 6 October 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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