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CellC - Lack of comptence

No resolution
ENJO Consultants
ENJO Consultants filed the complaint
17 June 2022
Good day and congratulations you have just lost another loyal client.

Due to Cell C cancelling my one contract on cell number 062XXXXXX, I consider you being in breach of contract and consider this account being closed.

After going into the Centurion branch on the 17th of June 2022 that the reason for the account being closed is that here is an outstanding account of R1XXX.XXX this is an amount that is due for a DEBIT ORDER PAYMANTE ON THE 30TH June 2022. There seems to be a total lack of competence in many of your departments.

I was then told I need to go and make an affidavit at the SAPS (wasting my time due to Cell C closing my account and lack of COMPETNACE) to reactivate my account and that I ned to pay the outstanding amount which is not an outstanding amount but the current account due on the 30th June 2022, before the account can be reactivated. Once again lack of competence due to CELL C closing an account which is paid up. Furthermore, due to the lack of competence I am losing clients as the numbers in question are business numbers, who at CELL will compensate me due to once again lack of competence.

On this same note I expect that you fund me for the service fee charged for June RXXX.00 as I don’t have this service at all. All please make this number a pay as you go so that I can port to another provider who will hopefully be more competent.

Please also take cognizance that I am giving notice period to convert my current number 084XXXXXXX to a pay as you go as soon as the contract expires, I will not be renewing with CELL C. If I am not mistaken it will expire in the end of July 2022 as the upgrade is due in August 2022.
Incident date: 17 June 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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