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CellC - Cell c failing to do debit orders, now i owe thousands!

No resolution
Marianne Gao
Marianne Gao filed the complaint
12 July 2021
08 Jul 2021, 10:39
CellC plays mind kill you financially
All my CellC accounts are on Debit order and have been for years. CellC clearly did something on their side and the Fibre payments were not debited off my bank account, it seems for months. Now suddenly CellC hits me with a R3, 596.00 bill that I must pay once off! I don't have a JOB and haven't had one since 2016 after a bike accident. I DONT have that money to pay and it's going to keep on growing! So THIS is what CellC does when they are financially strapped...they ignore debit orders from your account for months and then once it's a proper couple of thousand outstanding, then they take you to court for more money...!!! Right??? FYI: Never ever at any time did I get any notification either via email, SMS or phone call from CellC saying that the debit orders for Fibre did not go off/received. I already brought this to their attention last month (15th Jun 2021), but once again staff at CellC doesn't bother to reply to your emails or even give you a call. Scaly much?!

09 Jul 2021, 09:06
It's the next morning now, and still, no one has been in contact with me, to resolve this, from CellC.

09 Jul 2021, 14:55
I just now (14:38) received a phone call from a lady called Ms Ntombi Koza (not sure about spelling), basically telling me that it's my own problem if I don't have the money to pay the full outstanding amount!
I told her that I want to speak to someone more superior and she advised me that this wouldn't change the fact that the money is outstanding.
AGAIN I say... It's a DEBIT order that CellC put into place and NOT my responsibility to make sure they do the DEBIT order deductions each month.
Now CellC slaps me in the face by telling a salesperson from CellC to call me, to tell me that it's too bad that this money is outstanding!!!
CellC has no morals, clearly.

I'm sick and tired of CellC doing as they please...

I have proof of everything I state here.
This complaint has a private attachment.
Incident date: 14 March 2021
Marianne Gao
10 August 2021
CellC (Fibre Department) has still not resolved this issue, to date!

I have 3 different accounts with CellC and the payments (debits) for 2 of them (cellphones) has gone off every month since I’ve taken the out with CellC, years ago...except of course for the Fibre account.

Now remember that I ONLY have 1 (one) bank account and those full details were given to CellC as a whole.

Now the Fibre Department (CellC) is stating that I should have kept an eye on my bank account, to see when debits don’t go off!

And also further stating, that a “Payment Plan” will need to be set in place, in order for me to make the “outstanding” payments and bring my account up to date.

1. My Fibre account with CellC is on DEBIT ORDER!!!
And has been since day ONE! If Debit Orders didn’t go through, the fault is not mine, nor my bank (FNB)…but of course CellC itself.
Why should I be held responsible for CellC not bringing their side of a signed contract where it was agreed that this account would be on a DEBIT ORDER…?!
2. What kind of nut is going to sit and monitor their bank account each month to make sure Debit Orders goes off?!
CellC has incompetent little snot-nose fools phoning customers and saying ridiculous things like this, bringing CellC’s name even further down into the mud/toilet!
3. CellC should compensate me for the stress, etc I’ve been going through these last couple of months and trying to gather all information, dealing with the bank, Ombudsman, Gov officials, etc trying to get this matter resolved.
4. Should it not be resolved within the next two months, I will take Legal Action.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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