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Capitec - Urgent complaint: unauthorized withdrawals from my account

No resolution
Piet Baard
Piet Baard filed the complaint
11 August 2023
Urgent Complaint: Unauthorized Withdrawals from My Account

Dear Capitec Bank Customer Service,

My name is Piet Baard, a loyal and hardworking citizen who has encountered a distressing situation with Capitec Bank account. I have entrusted my life savings to Capitec Bank, believing in the bank's integrity and commitment to its clients. However, recent events have shattered my faith in the institution and left me devastated.

I received a phone call from an individual who claimed to be a Capitec Bank employee. The caller appeared legitimate as they possessed my personal information that only Capitec bank have had access to. The caller requested confirmation of certain details, citing security reasons at Capitec bank. Being cautious, I did not disclose any personal information during the call. To my utter shock, moments after ending the call, I received a text message notifying me that ALL my life savings have been withdrawn from my account.

Fearing the worst, I immediately rushed to the bank within an hour to report the incident. I hoped for swift resolution and assistance from the bank's side. However, to my dismay, I was met with a lack less response that left me speechless. How in the world could this be? The bank conveyed that they could not do anything to remedy the situation, leaving me and my family in a state of disbelief and emotional distress, not to mention broke and hopeless. From the same institution that I have been a loyal supporter and trusted client for years, How could this be? The bank’s true intentions revealed?

I took immediate action by filing an affidavit with the police and reaching out to both the bank and the ombudsman for assistance. Despite these efforts, I have yet to recover my stolen life’s savings (pension). What is even more alarming is that this incident occurred not just once, but twice, resulting in a total loss of 72,000 ZAR from my account over a period of three weeks. This money represents my life savings, and I was relying on it for me and my family’s future survival, including our partial retirement. I feel so disappointed and depressed, being rejected by Capitec and even making me feel that, what has happened with the fraud is MY OWN FAULT. How the heck can the same institution which I have entrusted with my faith and money, treat me like this. I feel so hopeless right now….

Considering these disheartening circumstances, I am questioning the bank's ethics and lack of response/ownership and wondering about the security measures in place at Capitec. Looking at this website and talking to my friends, it seems that I am not alone in this situation, as I have come across other clients facing similar issues. The bank's passive stance raises serious concern about internal involvement or potential hacking, leaving me and my family broke, hopeless and puzzled / anxious about the security of our hard-earned money or what is left of it…

I seek immediate answers, accountability, and most importantly, the return of my hard-earned money. I still believe that the bank has the ability to address and rectify this distressing / criminal matter swiftly if it simply choses to do so. Alternatively, I will be forced to leverage off of the ombudsman and my grandchildren’s network to take this to the highest level and reveal the true crime at the bank and internal involvement, but really all I want is my hard-earned money back.
I urge Capitec Bank to acknowledge the severity of his situation and take proactive measures to resolve this matter promptly. My life savings, security, and future are at stake, and I implore the bank to take swift action.

All I want is for Capitec Bank to contact me and return my life savings of 72k ZAR.
Incident date: 11 August 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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