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Capitec - Refund request

No resolution
Mahlatse filed the complaint
29 September 2023
So on the 31st of August 2023 I made a booking on and immediately cancelled it for personal reasons, however the funds were deducted from my account but never reversed into my account liased with capitec from the day of the reversed payment and I've need promised refund to fate no refund was issued so I'm writing to hello peter to assist me in getting my refund as I need to use that money urgently, here are the list of *********** agents I dealt with:
-Nompumelelo Mkhwa****, very *********** lady who just misled me with falls information juts to get me off the line. She confirmed if I dnt get refund by Friday the 22nd September 2023 i should send an email to ***********, I followed all instructions and got no response, did a follow up email on Tuesday the 26th still did not get any response I then decided to call in spoke to Mikhail who adv his escalating the matter by Friday 29 September 2023 the money should reflect I won't need to call back again but here I am calling again and given run arounds.
- Amanda Msomi, twice as useless she ddnt even bother to hear me out she just transferred the call without advising
- Gugu Ngubeni advice she can see all the records but she needs to escalate the matter...adviced I'm waiting for anymore escalations I'm holding on the line until I get my funds back into my account she then told me about processes which I've been following since the 31st of August 2023. I then requested to speak to her Supervisor who Tshepo Lekgala this 1 right here thinks his a smooth talker busy telling me about the same processes that Gugu told me about telling me to wait 7 days they need to dispute with the merchant and truth is I waited all the turn atounds time.privided I can't wait anymore. Can you please help me get my money reversed back into my account because dealing with Capitec directly is draining more.than anything this Tshepo boy is the rudest of them.ll I wish call cam be listened to and again I need a refund of all the airtime I spend close to R350 of airtime and still matter not resolved.
Incident date: 29 September 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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