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Caltex - Inhuman treatment and thievery

No resolution
tonderai manjeese
tonderai manjeese filed the complaint
5 July 2022
my car ok developed a problem as i approached caltex k43 lenesia on midnight of july3. the attendant there helpd us with water. but still car couldnt start and was left with no option but leave it there and find alternative transport to johanesburg. i returned the next day to tow the car and found it clamped reason being" it was parked more than 15min" asked the so called lady manager via mobile phone she told the me thats the caltex head office policy . i explained to her that my car was not left out of will but a breakdown. but still insisted on the 500rand payment. which i found unfair and heartless. so i asked for caltex head office telephone numbers to clearly be informed ,i was told "we dont have the numbers for we only communicate via email" i asked for the email and was told no we dont give it out its caltex policy.
i then told them i dnt have a problem in paying the 500 provided i be given a reciept for my payment but this didnt sit well with them for they said reciepts are machine printed and they cant print a reciept for this service. when i called the manager again ( an hour later bcause of not answering) another man was given the phone to told them i want to pay and given a reciept for my payment. hes response was " u will have to wait for me the reciepts are in the office and am in soweto i dont knw what time i will come back you have to wait for me.
this is like 2hours later of waiting .
i call back again and told them the filling stations do give out cash sales and i am seeing other be given reciepts for their payments eg fuel. but still they said they dont they can try and send it to me. of which they then whatsapped an attendant so me reciept wjich said clamp fees and i didnt accept for it wasnt a hard copy and wasnt authentic or clearely stating where i paid my money . it said tax reciept without any required details on it eg issuing company details.
they then again told me i will have to wait or come back another time for this. after driving 40km waiting 2hours+ was forced to leave my car again.i
is this how caltex does . its a deplorable com
Incident date: 5 July 2022
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