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Builders Warehouse - Builders card

No resolution
Gerhard Bronkhorst
Gerhard Bronkhorst filed the complaint
18 June 2022
At 08h47 today my son went to the Strubens Valley Builders to buy a load of river sand. He was asked to activate a builders card before the transaction could be processed. He phoned me and i spoke to the person who insisted on having my son produce personal info to activate a Builders Card. I told the man that i will not as it is not compulsory to have a "trade" card. He refused to assist my son further and we were forced to buy the product from the nearby Chamberlains. I phoned Builders head office and after a long wait i finally spoke to a manager in the branch. After explaining to him what happened he ensured me that as a customer cannot be forced to activate a builders card before purchasing any goods from them. The manager also acknowledged that the worker who tried to force my son to activate a card were wrong and that it is not compulsory to have a card. As a building contractor and customer i want to say to Builders shame on you for once again poor and unethical conduct. Your service goes from one low point to the other. I had numerous incidents before in your stores where the poor service seems universal. A poorly trained and very negative staff seems to be the standard. I only buy from your stores when Chamberlains is not near.
Incident date: 18 June 2022
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