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Build-it - Rude and unprofessional employee

No resolution
Nosy Mbokazi
Nosy Mbokazi filed the complaint
23 June 2021
My name is Nkosingiphile. On Tuesday the 8th of June 2021 I went to Build it Richards bay with my mother to apply for credit. As we arrived at the reception we were helped by one gentleman who went as far as to escort as to the person dealing with credit and so forth. As we arrived, the guy was busy with his phone and you could tell he was not in the mood. I politely greeted him and got straight to the point. Before I could even finish he told me that he won't even waste time with this application because it will be declined. "They don't give pensioners credit especially if they have debt" he said. I explained to him that my mother doesn't have a debt, she has an account at Markham and that account is up to date. He continued telling me that "Even if that's the case the chances of your mother getting credit is very low and in order to qualify for credit, pensioners are not supposed to have any open accounts". He continued giving excuses about this and that. As we were about to leave he then put his phone down and looked at us ( for a first time since we've been with him) he took copies of my mom's ID and bank statement. He said the system is offline he'll capture it when everything is back on track. I gave him all the information he needed, my contact details, my mother's contact details and home address and he said he'll call us for further questions. Now as a customer I was very angry because we took our time, energy and money to go to build it so that we can get the help that we need and then you get guys like him who don't have time to help/ assist customers like he should. We haven't received any calls or messages stating whether the loan application has been declined or not which means this Ntokozo guy didn't bother capturing our application as he said he would. I work with customers daily and I know the importance of helping a customer and making sure that every customer leaves the store happy. I truly hope this Ntokozo guy sees this email so that he can know that every customer is important! He should do the job that he was hired to do and stop being rude and unprofessional towards customers.
Incident date: 23 June 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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