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Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality
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Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality - Water bill

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Neziswa filed the complaint
1 February 2022
In October 2020 I received a statement with an outstanding amount of R28023.29. When I enquire they said they never charge me water ever since I bought my house in 2016. In July 2021 they applied 6 Month rule which left me with R4000. I made payment. They went to change my Meter as from August 2020 they charged me estimates and I was promised that is going to be sorted out once they change Meter. I was told to pay interim until is sorted I did that. From May 2020 they charged with water twice old Meter and new one. Every month I have to go to Municipality for allocating payments because if I made Payment online all the amount goes to water bill. Every month I have to call Municipality because electricity is blocked. Last month I sent a follow up message to Senior Manager she escalated the query to the relevant department. By that time the said I owe R10933.63 for water I requested them to reverse the amount because I am paying water every month. The debt was caused by the second Meter they were charging me. They only reversed R4254.48 I do not know why because I was not owing municipality a cent. After that they charged R9911.25 water for a month.
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Incident date: 30 May 2021
Neziswa rated the brand
19 April 2022

It was unfortunately for me because the company I've complianed about is one of those you don't serve.

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