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Bonitas Medical Fund - Struggling to get my membership re-instated

No resolution
Margaretha Mulder
Margaretha Mulder filed the complaint
13 May 2021
Ref nr 040521QK7802 & 070421QJ1XWN & 03021QGLTKL
I am struggling for months now to get my membership re-instated. According to Bonitas my membership was suspended in April 2020, although they received payment every single month - I have send numerous e-mails and made phone calls and I am still not assisted. The latest feedback is that my attachment of the forms is an e-mail. I send a mail on 4 May with all the required information again and every single document was attached as a PDF document - this is the application form, my ID and proof of all the payments made. At the moment I do not have a medical aid although all my premiums were paid - is this the way to be treated??
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Incident date: 13 May 2021
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