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Bonitas Medical Fund - Debit order

No resolution
Chabi Mokhele
Chabi Mokhele filed the complaint
28 January 2021
My medical aid was paid through my employer, it was then terminated effect the 31st of December, I re-instated effective 1 Jan. My employer had already paid for December. On the 25th of Jan they debit me double without even telling me. I called them several times, the consultants told me there is a credit they are not sure whether it should be refunded to me or my employer. They said I must send an email to credit control that was on Monday. Today I get an email that they debit in advance what they debited is for December and Jan and December was paid through my employer and I am asking am I paying December twice. What annoys me is that I have been trying to get this sorted since Monday no one is even bordering to call. They send me an email confirming that my last day of benefits is effective end of December that means December was paid. In the years I have been with bonitas I have never been do disappointed. I hope someone will be able to sort this mess for me. My employer does not even know of a refund that must be paid to them by bonitas. I was never subsidized by company I have always paid 100%. CAN THIS BE SORTED.
Incident date: 28 January 2021
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