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Bidvest Insurance - Claim unresolved

Awaiting reply
Jean Swart
Jean Swart filed the complaint
5 July 2024
Good morning

My vehicle's engine (Landrover Discovery TDV6 2017 model ) broke while I had Bidvest insurance covering the vehicle for unlimited repairs Subsequently it went backwards and forwards between Landrover Stellenbosch, Bidvest's call centre and assessors now for 3 months and still my engine has not been touched for repairs.

The professional recommendation from Landrover was to order a Landrover rebuilt engine from the factory but the Bidvest assessors wanted a cheaper option and decided on Remtec in Coebergha. ( they rebuild engines ) When Landrover Stellenbosch contacted Remtec recently to send the engine , Remtec had only and answering service stating that they are no longer operational.

So now once again we are right back where we started. I tried calling ther call centre ( which at times are impossible to speak to an agent ) but there are never a real face to speak to.....only call centre agents who tells you they are working on the claim and emails stating they have received the claim/complaint etc. They also never contacted me back despite numerous emails and calls

I need my vehicle repaired urgently by Landrover approved people. I have been without my car for 3 months now with no outcome in sight .

We need to get the correct Landrover approved engine into my car asap.....and not from some after market dealers or cheapscate repairers that are not Landrover approved

This issue has now been going on too long and I am at the end of my tether . Surely Bidvest can't treat their insured customers like this.
I would also like to be provided a rental car until my car is fixed and be reimbursed for various loan cars in this period till now

I trust Bidvest will act urgently to assist my case
Incident date: 5 July 2024
Jean Swart
Jean Swart is awaiting for brand response
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