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APM Bus Service - Bad services

No resolution
Tiffany filed the complaint
28 February 2024
I will never ever recommend this bus services to any family members or friends. Cockroaches all over the bus, I have never ever thought I would see that amount of cockroaches in a bus and I’m speaking of more then a handful of cockroaches it was so bad I could not eat in this bus and seats dirty it was indeed an uncomfortable experience. im really not being OCD I’ve driven with another bus before and my experience with William coaches was the best.
The driver drove with a heater on the whole time, we woke up to being sweaty all the time, feeling as if you can’t breathe cause all you breathing in is hot air because it was so hot in the bus. It was 28 degrees in the bus. Our drinks we had which was Cooldrink and juice turned out to be lukewarm temperatures because of the heater. The driver of the bus drove super fast, we woke up most of the time, at first I thought maybe its because I’ve been involved in an accident a few months back and that I’m just being paranoid but my partner also said this driver is driving too fast, another person on the bus said driver “bless us please, we want to go home safely” I for sure will never ever travel with APM buses services again.
Incident date: 26 February 2024
Tiffany rated the brand
17 April 2024

This is disgusting.

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