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APM Bus Service
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APM Bus Service - #448124

No resolution
Mereldia filed the complaint
10 January 2024
I've booked a ticket for a APM bus from Belleville , mispel street in Cape town,on the 24th of December 2023 to the Eastern cape , Humansdorp,the bus was supposed to depart at 19h00 but t the bus s never arrived,I had to sleep on the street till Christmas morning,than yad my o take a Uber to the train station in Cape town city wi h was extra money ,when I arrived the offices was closed ,I had to book another ticket this time I bought a intercape but s ticket ,witch was more xstra money that I had to spend that I did not budget for,I'm so unhappy because of the wait in the street ,with no toilets available ,no water ,no shops ,the wind was horrible and it was not a save area ,my humrighs was violated,and on top kayak f it all I struggle to get a refund,I will never recommend this bus company to any living person
Incident date: 10 January 2024
Mereldia rated the brand
3 April 2024

It's horrible will never recommend it to anyone

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