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APM Bus Service
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APM Bus Service - APM Bus Service

No resolution
Celumsa filed the complaint
28 August 2023
Firstly Friday the 25 of August I've booked APM for 19:30 but only find out that they transfer our tickets to Kalamazoo bus of which it was not our agreement. Today I've booked a bus from Umzimkhulu to Johannesburg. I did all the bookings and paid the ticket. Later on I received an sms saying they canceled the bus for today to tomorrow and am working tomorrow. I've tried to call them Sbonele Madlala picked up the phone. I asked a refund he said I can't get a refund I must wait for tomorrow. He promised to call me back and whats worse he never took my number when I Call back again they told me that we went to the shop and drop the call
Incident date: 28 August 2023
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