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African bank - Payment agreement

No resolution
Gift filed the complaint
8 September 2023
I'm dissapointed with the bank because in April i made arrangements to pay off my debts and the total amount that was owing was R4497.07. And then we made arrangements to say that i will be paying R1000 each month so that i can pay off the loan, starting from May and the consultant told me that R20 will be added which the amount that i will paying will be R1020 and the last month will be R497.07 which I didn't have any problem with and I payed the amount each month without missing payed which means i payed R4080. So yesterday i sent an email to enquire about the amount that i need to pay this month as this is the last month and I was told that im owing R949.17. I'm surprised and when i asked im being told that an additional R500 was added for what exactly because according to the arrangements we had i need to pay R497.07 and there is a recording as well and now im being told that they were not supposed to tell me about the additional R500. Am I taken for a ride here or what because I can't and I won't pay an additional R500 which I was not aware off and which I was not told about and the recording we had its an agreement we made and now I just need to take this up with the ombudsmen because im really irritated and even angry of what i was told.
Incident date: 8 September 2023
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