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AFHCO - My vehicle was smashed into in the complex and the resident or visitor ran away

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Rowann Singh
Rowann Singh filed the complaint
11 October 2023
Date: Wed, Oct 11, 2023 at 3:23 PM
Subject: INCIDENT REPORT: OB 1043/10/2023 Honeydew Police Station

Between 4:40 pm on Tuesday 10 October 2023 and the morning of Wednesday 11 October 2023, some insincere reckless or drunk driver smashed into my vehicle in this complex: 252 Montrose, Block 6.
I have on several occasions requested for full coverage parking, to no avail.
The back half of my car is exposed to the sharp corner where the vehicles turn.
The pillar has scratches on it, which is next to my parking bay.
My car is brand new and now smashed with a Dent, the metallic paint is off, and white scratches from the criminal vehicle!!
I would assume this person could have been inebriated, as a lot of parties occur in this parking space and nothing is done about it. Security is friends with them.
There are broken pieces of a clear indicator light all along my parking bay, parking bay 97 and parking bay 89 which logically explains, this person turned right and swung into my exposed vehicle and went down the parking, if you follow the glass pieces trail.
I want a list of the visitors and residents of all white vehicles that were in this area between 4:40pm 10 October 2023 and the morning of 11 October 2023 for my incident report with the police.
This is grievously concerning, that I was targeted or that is just nothing, someone can smash into your vehicle in a complex where "apparent security" patrol????
I went to guardhouse Today, and the guy was watching Big Bang Theory on his phone, with a female modelling around him in skimpy clothes, she BLATANTLY ASKED ME TO MOVE SO SHE CAN SIT DOWN NEXT TO HIM????????????? is this a new security lady or some sexual relationship happening with this security and this resident that was blatantly inappropriate with me!!! why are random people sitting in the security?
THIS IS JUST NOT OKAY, I want to know what you are going to do about this and fix my vehicle as I DO NOT DESERVE THIS, if you check my records, I have always paid in advance in all the years!
Thank you,
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Incident date: 10 October 2023
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